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Ensure that the account you are using for printing reflects your email ID – An example, if my email address is, then the username from the device (phone, laptop, pc) I am printing from should be systems. This ensures the account is attached to the print server accounting features


Add Printer

  1. Download the Linux Driver Here Kyocera TASKalfa 3010i.PPD, smb://

  2. Click on Ubuntu dashboard and search Printing and Click on it

  3. On the Printing Window that appears, Click on Add Printer

  4. On the New Printer Dialog, enter  as the Network Device URI

  5. Click Next

  6. On Choose Driver, Select Provide PPD File and browse for the PPD file downloaded in 16

  7. Click on Forward twice and Apply

Windows 7 & 8 (Tested on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1)

– Add Printer

  1. Download the Printer Drivers Here \\\pcclient\Drivers\Windows

  2. Click Start. Select Devices and Printers

  3. Click Add Printer.

  4. Select Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer, then click Next.

  5. Select The printer that I want isn’t listedthen click Next

  6. Select the second option Connect to this shared Printer and on the name enter and click Next

  7. Browse (for the printer drivers) into the “Install from Disk” window (Just select OEMsetup.inf) and click OK.

  8. Finish the Printer Installation

Alternatively: Using a Samba Share

  • Go to Start >> Run and type: \\\printers

  • A list of printers on the server will be displayed. Right click on the printer (UIS-Printer) and select Connect to Printer

  • You may be prompted to enter a username and password (secret – will be availed physically)

  • The drivers selection menu will be displayed. Step 7 above can be used to search and install the print drivers

Note: The printer drivers for Linux and Windows can also be downloaded from the share: \\\pcclient\Drivers


This is still work under progress…..

Print Accounting

The print accounting client tools for Linux, Mac and Windows are available here: \\\pcclient\

These can be installed based on the OS platform and installed according to the platform requirements. When prompted for login details, use the following details:

Username: email address e.g

Password: Your password e.g systems**9821^

The tools will provide details such as quota information about an account

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